I approached Ageless Solutions (formally known as Weight Loss of Navarre) because my weight was getting out of control and I wanted to fix that. They were close to home and the idea of a weight loss program overseen by a doctor was appealing to me. Ageless Solutions helped me by making me feel comfortable on my very first visit. They did much more than simply advise me to lower my calories, they ran tests and blood work to discover any causes affecting my weight issues.

The result was an easy to follow weight loss program that works well and a subtle change in my lifestyle so that I am eating much healthier and feeling better.
One thing I liked, aside from their friendly attitude was their unique approach and concern for my weight issues. I found the experience to be enjoyable. I would actually be anxious for my next weigh-in appointment. Not only were the results fun to see, but the entire staff has always been enjoyable to interact with. At times I felt I was going to my appointment to see friends and my weight issues were secondary.

I would recommend Ageless Solutions to people who need a weight control program. Ageless Solutions also has a self-pay lab and other lifestyle programs that may be right for you.

-Ken W.


I have been a patient at Ageless Solutions (formerly Weight Loss of Navarre) for several years.  Their weight loss program offers you the help and guidance to successfully reach your perfect weight while maintaining your energy and health.  Over the last year and a half, my husband and I have been receiving the Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Pellets.  These tiny pellets are like little angels that have come down from heaven to offer you the fountain of youth.  They will give you energy like you have never had before.  Your libido “both men and women” will skyrocket.  These amazing pellets will give you an overall sense of well-being that will make you feel young, alive and ready to go.   Dr. Barber, Dr. Cave, Janice Cook and the entire staff are polite, professional, and will make you feel fantastic.  I highly recommend Ageless Solutions in Navarre.



Ageless Solutions (formerly Weight loss of Navarre) program really works! I lost 44 lbs. in 4 Months. As long as you follow their program which is very simple, the pounds come off  in a very short time and there is no exercising involved. You could not find a better staff to work with. They  treat you as if you are family. It is so easy as long as you stay on track. I have exercised and dieted before and haven’t had the success that this has done for me. Thank you so much to the staff of Ageless Solutions for this solution of dieting, helping me change my life, and teaching me better eating habits.



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