Weight Loss

We know that not all weight loss programs are created equally. From cleanses to 10-day challenges and more, it seems that there should be a weight loss solution for everyone. Unfortunately, it is all too easy to fall short of the projected results when your accountability runs low.
Here at Ageless Solutions of Navarre, we understand that you are created with distinct features that make you uniquely you and that your weight loss program should, too!

Ageless Solutions of Navarre provides specialized weight loss programs tailored to you.

If you possess the desire to succeed and are seeking accountability to help get you there, then Ageless Solutions of Navarre has the program for you. Some services we offer include:

We offer appetite suppressants, hCG, B-12 and B-Complex injections, counseling, behavior modifications, weekly encounters and all the motivation and positive re-enforcement necessary to aid you in your success. From 10/150 pounds or more, we can tailor a program to fit your needs and lifestyle. All you need to bring is a desire to succeed! Do you have questions? Call for a consultation today!

Patient Plans & Prices:

  • First Month of Services (all inclusive): $375.00
    • Includes:
    • Physician consultation: 1 Metabolic test
    • 1 month (30 calendar days) Active patient status with included follow-up visits
    • B-Complex injections
    • 1 month supply of medication
    • Lab Work (CMP, CBC, Lipid, TSH)

    **A $75.00 NON REFUNDABLE deposit will be taken to reserve your initial appointment.**

  • Monthly Fee (after initial month): $150 for Pay as You Go or $125 for Automatic withdrawals
    • (Weekly follow-up visits with B-complex injections and written prescriptions for Active Patients)
  • hCG (after initial month): medications dispensed at Clinic will have additional fee
  • Appetite Suppressants: medications dispensed at Clinic will have additional fee

Non-Patient Plans & Prices:

  • Metabolic testing: $50.00 per test
    • (Resting Metabolic Rate)
  • B-12: $17.00 per injection
  • MIC B-Complex: $20.00 per injection

Please call 850.529.0770 for more information.

RMR Machine

Resting Metabolic Rate Machine: If you’ve ever wondered whether you have a slow or fast metabolism, we can solve the mystery for you! Our newest equipment can calculate your Resting Metabolic Rate, or the amount of calories that a person burns while he/she is at rest. Metabolic testing will also calculate several other factors to aid you in your weight loss:

Maintenance zone: Once you reach goal weight, the RMR machine will tell you how many calories your body needs to maintain your weight.

Weight Loss zone: In order to lose weight, you must eat slightly less calories than your body needs. This will tell you what range to stay in whether you work out or are sitting for most of the day.

Medically Supervised zone: Under the supervision of a doctor or nurse, we can give you a low calorie diet, based on your RMR statistics, to help you achieve the fastest weight loss, while staying safe and healthy.

Exercise + Lifestyle & Activity: Adding your RMR to the estimated calories that you burn while performing normal daily tasks and light work-out regiments (based on your readings), we can give you an idea of how many calories you may burn on a given day.

Testing is easy and only takes about 10 minutes. You must be fasting for four(4) hours before your test and may not have any stimulants (no coffee, caffeine, etc). You do not have to be an established patient to get your test, and it does not have to be ordered by a Doctor. Contact us today to schedule your test. Cost is $50.00 per test.

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