Skin Pen + Skin Fuse Smart Skin Technology

SkinPen is the newest and greatest invention since the laser for skin rejuvenation.
And it offers similar results with less discomfort and less downtime.

SkinPen is remarkably effective for:

• Scars – acne, surgical, trauma, chicken pox
• Fine lines, wrinkles
• Loss of Resiliency
• Stretch Marks
• Large Pores
• Lax Skin

SkinPen stimulates your skin’s natural ability to heal itself to reverse years of sun damage, improve scars, and minimize wrinkles – all in little or no downtime.

Each treatment takes approximately 30 minutes for the procedure and an additional 30 – 40 minutes with a topical numbing solution before starting.

Three treatments may be needed to get the desired results.

Check out our Skin Fuse Smart Skin Technology on our Skin Products page.

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